DOHNS: Intensive Revision Course and OSCE

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This intensive one-day course aims to provide a focused revision for the DOHNS Clinical/OSCE exam and is aimed at both Surgical and General Practice trainees with a specialist interest in ENT.  The content includes clinical topics that regularly feature in the exam. This encompasses gross and microscopic anatomy of key areas, identification of common ENT pathology including video and radiological analysis, interpretation of specialist investigations and familiarization with surgical and emergency equipment. There is a strong emphasis on the clinical application of this knowledge and the practical skills required for the exam. Candidates will also have the opportunity to perfect their examination skills and improve their communication skills, with focused history taking and consenting.  The course concludes with a mock OSCE examination, providing the opportunity for individuals to put into practice the skills they have acquired in front of real examiners under real exam conditions.

Course fee includes the following: 1. Diploma in Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery: An Essential Revision Guide (normal price £20 including postage) 2. 50 OSCE Stations for DOHNS Part 2 (normal price £19 including postage) 3. Practical Otolaryngology for Junior Doctors (normal price £18 including postage) 4. OSCE question and answer booklets 5. Refreshments and lunch 6. Certificate of Attendance (PDF) Trainees can use their study leave budget to attend this course


Start date Venue
20 May 2017 School of Biosciences, University of Cardiff Book now

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