Leadership and Management for Doctors: How to be the most effective

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About the course

Audience: All grades

In this brand new, up to date and practical course our expert trainers will take you through the important aspects of Leadership and Management.

The course is tailored to leading within a medical profession, and will give an overview of the latest leadership theory as well as an understanding of the Healthcare Leadership model and NHS structure.

We have placed a strong focus on learning practical skills, whether you are an experienced leader looking to improve your effectiveness or new to leadership and looking to expand your potential.

We’ll look at key areas you are likely to encounter, such as conflict resolution and how to motivate and engage, as well as helping you understand your own leadership style and how to work to your strengths.

Key features:

  • Teaching will be in small groups of up to 25 people and will be tailored to the individual needs of those in the room
  • Dedicated question time with the experts
  • The opportunity to discuss key topics with your peers

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