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About the course

Perioperative Medicine is a rapidly evolving and exciting field committed to providing excellent care to surgical patients. This Master’s programme, delivered via e-learning, will address the challenges posed by the high-risk surgical patient and is designed to equip those involved in managing surgical care with extensive knowledge, underpinned by best evidence, and encourage a deep understanding of the specialty.

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Key Information
Application date: 
Close: 28 July 2017 

Optional qualifications: This degree is also available as a PG Diploma and a PG Certificate with fees set accordingly. 

Degree Information

Students learn by walking the patient journey, from diagnosis to discharge. Developing an understanding of the individual needs of patients and how to assess risk and outcomes will be followed by an outline of the surgical inflammatory response. Students will be introduced to statistical study design as it applies to research and understand changes in guidance. Quality, safety and leadership matters are covered in great detail. 

Students undertake modules to the value of 180 credits. 

The programme consists of eight core modules (120 credits) and a dissertation/report (60 credits). 

A Postgraduate Diploma (120 credits, flexible study, up to five years) is offered. 

A Postgraduate Certificate (60 credits, flexible study, up to two years) is offered. 

Core Modules 

  • The Landscape of Perioperative Medicine 
  • Towards a New Model in Perioperative Care 
  • Data and Statistics in Perioperative Care 
  • Quality, Safety and Leadership in Perioperative Care 
  • The Evolving Paradigm in Perioperative Caee 
  • Perioperative Pain and Cancer Disease 
  • Perioperative Issues for an Ageing Population 
  • Special Topics in Perioperative Care 


There are no optional modules for this programme. 


Students will undertake a piece of original research (which might include a Systematic Review), developed and presented in the style of a nominated peer-reviewed journal and students will be encouraged to publish this work as part of their learning experience.
A Perioperative Medicine MSc from UCL will provide an internationally recognised qualification and on completion students will be equipped to pioneer progress and develop quality improvements in this new field. This will greatly enhance individual clinical practice, in addition to furthering opportunities in academia, education, management and leadership roles. 


Perioperative Medicine MSc is a higher degree with real value in the workplace as it equips its graduates to occupy senior positions in the field. Students will develop a deep understanding of the evidence base, and utilising this to effect changes in perioperative process and outcome is central to this programme. 

Why study this degree at UCL?

Perioperative medicine is a new and exciting specialty, currently with few high-quality training opportunities. The Perioperative Medicine Group at UCL has brought together an expert multi-disciplinary team dedicated to providing excellence in perioperative medicine. This is reflected in our key involvement in societies such as Evidence Based Perioperative Medicine (EBPOM) and the journal, Perioperative Medicine. 

UCL is home to a centre of academic excellence, Surgical Outcomes Research Centre (SOuRCe). Through this association, the Perioperative Medicine Group has attracted collaborations with an international faculty of experts in this new and exciting specialty. This wealth of knowledge and expertise has enabled the development of a high-quality programme delivered directly by experts to students. 

This new programme, delivered by innovative e-learning methods seeks to develop an international community of learners, not limited by distance, who will benefit from shared online educational activities. 

Application and next steps


Students are advised to apply as early as possible due to competition for places. Those applying for scholarship funding (particularly overseas applicants) should take note of application deadlines. 

Who can apply? 

This MSc programme is designed for doctors (anaesthetists, surgeons, physicians) and nurse specialists engaged in the management of patients in the perioperative period, and who are committed to developing expertise in perioperative care through active participation in this innovative education forum. 

What are we looking for? 

  • When we assess your application we would like to learn: 
  • Why you want to study Perioperative Medicine at graduate level 
  • Why you want to study Perioperative Medicine at UCL 
  • What particularly attracts you to the chosen programme 
  • How your personal, academic and professional background meets the demands of this challenging programme 
  • Where you would like to go professionally with your degree 

Together with essential academic requirements, the personal statement is your opportunity to illustrate whether your reasons for applying to this programme match what the programme will deliver. 

For more information see the Applications page 

Visit the Perioperative Medicine MSc page on the University College London web site for more details!

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