Skills in Imaging, Diagnosis and Management of Retinal Diseases

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About the course

Interpretation of multimodal diagnostic imaging is now a major part of the retina subspecialty and plays a crucial role in the decision making process that is required for the clinical management of patients with retinal diseases. The seminar is designed for all practitioners involved in the delivery of care in retinal services and aims to consolidate core knowledge and skills essential for everyday practice and also provides updates on newer techniques in diagnosis and provides current opinions on management approaches and therapies.

Every year there are new topics on the common conditions and also an update of some rare conditions. Each year the programme is refreshed with lots of new information and coverage. The faculty is comprised of experienced speakers who can show the systematic approaches that they use for interpreting retinal images and making therapeutic decisions in their everyday retinal practice. This seminar will be chaired by Professor Yit Yang, Professor Heinrich Heimann & Mr Pearse Keane.

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