Telephone Consultations and Triage Skills Training

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About the course

You will leave armed with real-world solutions to managing every day calls and the more challenging demands whether you are new to telephone triage and consultations or already working in out of hours services for example. The course is suitable for all GPs (qualified and practicing and AiTs/Newly qualified).

•   Understand the purpose of telephone consultations and triage
•   Provide knowledge and awareness for carrying out appropriate, cost effective and safe triage
•   Improve confidence in telephone triage
•   Develop an awareness of the communication and questioning skills require
•   Discuss and practice safe and comprehensive history taking within a telephone triage context to ensure the  most appropriate outcome
•   Explore legal issues of telephone triage including confidentiality, documentation and safety netting



Sally-Anne Pygall 

Sally-Anne has worked at a senior level in both the NHS and private sector and within General Practice and Out of Hours care provision. Her experience of this subspecialty is extensive and she is passionate about telephone health care, as there are immense risks for the patient, the clinician and the organisation. Her practical and interactive style make this a vibrant and thought provoking course.


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