13th International Workshop on Microbeam Probes of Cellular Radiation Response

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About the course

This international conference will bring together world experts to discuss recent progress in the use of microbeams to investigate the radiation biology underpinning particle therapy and understand the cellular response to radiation .


  • Radiation biology of particle therapy   .
  • Cellular and tissue effects.
  • Particle therapy research facilities including microbeam facility design & X-ray and Laser microbeams .
  • Clinical translation from microprobe investigation


  • Single cell microbeam (particle) facilities/design and developments  .
  •  Laser & X-ray microbeam facilities.
  • Particle therapy research beamlines.
  • Irradiation & imaging techniques.
  • Cellular and tissue effects.
  • Cellular response: communication and dynamics  .
  • Diagnostics and analysis techniques.
  • Clinical translation for particle therapy developments  .

Target Audience:

Academic researchers, medical physicists and clinicians.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To increase knowledge about the latest research developments and techniques in the field of single cell irradiation and measurement of the single cell response to radiation .
  • To raise awareness and highlight the clinical relevance of microprobe techniques for understanding fundamental radiobiological parameters for particle therapy.


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