One Day Essential Diabetes

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About the course

The clinical lead for this One Day Essential | Diabetes conference is Dr Colin Kenny. Our 2017 programme provides expert clinical training and essential guidance on key areas relevant to primary care diabetes delivery. Delegates will receive the latest information on developments in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes including prevention, injectable therapies, and insulin safety among other topics.

  • Can we prevent diabetes? Emerging evidence and projects
  • Guidance on first steps in diabetes, which therapy to initiate after metformin?
  • Diabetes controversies in diet. What diet is best to prevent diabetes and for people living with diabetes?
  • When to use and how to choose injectable therapies.
  • Insulin safety in primary care.
  • Diabetes in later life (best evidence-based approach to diabetes in later life).
  • Results in diabetes (key results in managing people with diabetes).
  • Cardiovascular outcome trials in diabetes (CVOTs), evidence and management approaches.

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