Basic Surgical Skills Course

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About the course

BSS is widely viewed as a cornerstone course for all trainees taking up their first surgical position.  Over two highly practical days, you will learn a range of essential basic surgical skills and techniques within a controlled workshop environment.


Suitability: This course is suitable for: FY1-2 and CT1-2.
Learning Outcomes: After attending this course, you should have gained core skills in open surgery, electrosurgery and endoscopic surgery. You should be able to:
  • Demonstrate safe operating techniques
  • Use a variety of surgical knots safely and effectively
  • Confidently handle and use surgical instruments
  • Handle tissues confidently with due regard to their unique properties
  • Use endoscopic instruments in a practical and safe way
  • Discuss the practical, safe use of electrosurgery
Format: BSS is a practical, workshop-led course. Each skill is introduced with a step-by-step demonstration, before participants practice the technique in small groups.  You’ll receive continual feedback and assessment throughout the two days.  Before the course, you will be sent the BSS handbook and DVD. This essential pre-course material will ensure you get the most out of every session.
Course content: You will participate in a variety of practical training sessions during the BSS course, including:
  • Gowning, gloving, laying safe surgical knots and local anaesthetic management
  • Tissue handling practice (including for infected and contaminated tissues), along with the requirements for differing tissue sites, such as skin, bowel or vessels
  • Electrosurgery device usage
  • Manipulation of endoscopic instruments in a 3D surgical environment while viewing a remote 2D image
  • Visuospatial awareness, management of depth cueing and control of the ‘fulcrum effect’ during endoscopic surgery

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