Expert Witness Training Course

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About the course

Programme - CPD 18 hours
Day One – Prepare
Dr Jonathan Moore, GP Partner and Expert Witness
Practicalities of setting up a medico-legal practice
CPR 35 and PD 35 - Understanding your duties as an expert witness, standards and protocols
The law relating to clinical negligence
Recent case law and the practicalities for you as an expert witness
The roles of various players – client, claims management company, claimant solicitor, barrister, judge and other witnesses
What to expect from instructing parties
Identifying the issues that need to be addressed in your report
Examination and discussion of sample reports – good and bad
Preparing, structuring and writing your medical report to successfully argue your conclusion
The use of research and supporting information to explain your conclusion
Terms of engagement and how to get paid
Developing your practice and winning instructions
Q & A
Day Two – Practice
Ian Cohen, Clinical Negligence Lawyer
Understand what lawyers are looking for and the language they use
Understanding the issues of proportionality
The cost process and how it impacts on your fees
Outline of Fixed Costs and how this may impact on medico-legal work
Use of medical records
NICE Guidelines and the legal affect
Part 35 – Questions and joint statements
Joint statements – agreeing an agenda and preparing for the meeting with your opposing expert
Areas of agreement and disagreement
Minutes of joint meeting
Attending Expert’s meetings
Concurrent evidence – hot tubbing
Day Three – Perform
Lauren Sutherland QC, Clinical Negligence Advocate
Courtroom skills & cross examination
Understanding court room procedure
How to prepare for a court room appearance
How to spot and cope with common cross-examination pitfalls
Learn to give clear testimony that get your message across effectively
Master your language and demeanor to maximize your persuasiveness
Respond to challenges with confidence and poise
How to stand up to cross-examination without undermining your position

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