Masterclass in Understanding & Managing Clinical Negligence

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About the course

Masterclass in Understanding & Managing Clinical Negligence - CDP 7 hours

This workshop will improve your understanding of clinical negligence and help you identify and manage medico-legal risk. It is an interactive day with a mix of teaching and case studies exploring the challenges and conflicts faced by other healthcare professionals.

The law relating to clinical and medico-legal management

  • The problem
  • The role of a medical expert/expert witness
  • Civil litigation
  • Tort of negligence
  • Establishing the claimant was owed a duty of care by the defendant
  • Breach of duty of care owed by the defendant
  • Causation
  • Damages
  • Criminal negligence
  • Risk Management and Documentation
  • Summary
  •  Q&A

Understanding the claims process and managing it with confidence
Step by step guide to
: -

  • Managing an adverse outcome
  • Principles of open disclosure after an adverse outcome
  • Significant event meetings
  • The start of the claims process
  • What happens with claimant solicitors
  • Managing the receipt of a letter of claim
  • Quantum and Damages
  • Next stage of process
  • Issuing of court proceedings
  • Conference with Counsel/Barrister (Claimant & Defendant)
  • Condition and Prognosis reports
  • Outcome of negotiation and next steps
  • Meeting of experts
  • Final stages
  • Round table meeting (Claimant and Defendant)
  • Q&A



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