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About the course

Leaders in Healthcare returns to Liverpool for another inspiring conference. Produced by FMLM and BMJ, the event is for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and all healthcare professionals and managers involved in delivering and managing care.

Leaders in Healthcare showcases the best in healthcare management and clinical leadership from across the UK, and welcomes key speakers from around the world to hear viewpoints and success stories from other healthcare systems and beyond to understand how lessons learned in their industries can apply to the healthcare model.

The programme encompasses all aspects of healthcare leadership, from how to tackle the challenges facing the profession to how we can engage better with patients, nurture future leaders and support staff. It focuses on leadership at all levels, from career advice for those looking to take on a leadership role, to discussion around how those in management positions can really make a difference to the key issues surrounding the medical profession today.

Conference themes

Transforming culture

Explore both the challenge organisational culture presents to delivering excellence across healthcare and the best practice approaches to address this.

Enhancing your leadership skills

How we can ensure we are enhancing all the skills and talents of our leaders and workforce in the relentless drive to provide fit-for-purpose, high quality services.

Innovating for improvement

Understand how technology and innovation can help to improve how we lead healthcare and deliver better outcomes for patients.

Managing for impact

How applying best practice approaches for leadership from healthcare and other industries can help you to lead more effectively.

The future leader

How we can use medical education to drive clinical performance and patient safety and the role of standards and professionalism to help inspire and develop great leadership. What does contemporary theory tell us about the best leadership to support teams and individuals to maximise their effectiveness?

Mission Statement

The mission of Leaders in Healthcare is to support the movement for best practice in healthcare management and leadership globally. Through this it aims to improve outcomes for patients and communities, provide practical ideas that can be implemented in healthcare, promote research into high quality leadership and management, foster effective innovation, and connect healthcare leaders and managers worldwide.

It meets these aims through the annual three day meeting, leveraging the strengths of FMLM and BMJ and bringing together a group of people who share a concern and a passion for leadership and management in healthcare.

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The Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (FMLM) is the professional home for medical leadership in the UK. We work to professionalise medical leadership by setting standards, underpinned by the evidence base, to support and develop doctors at all stages of the medical career and across all specialties. We support a dynamic membership community from medical students to medical directors and work with healthcare provider and advisory organisations across the UK.

BMJ started out over 170 years ago as a medical journal. Now, as a global brand with a worldwide audience, we help medical organisations and clinicians tackle today’s most critical healthcare challenges. Our expertise extends to medical education, clinical decision support and quality improvement to enhance day to day decision-making and healthcare delivery.

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