Advanced Airway Workshop

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The Advanced Airway Workshop is aimed at Airway Leads, Anaesthetic Consultants who are actively involved in airway education and also those with an airway list commitment. The workshop is also appropriate for senior trainees / airway fellows (ST6 - 7) who are considering making the field of airway management one of their special interests.

This event tends to be less didactic and more discursive than Airway Workshops, and whilst the emphasis remains on a hands-on workshop approach, the absolute format of each station will depend on the needs of the assembled group.

Topics covered include:

  • Front of Neck Airway
  • Awake fibreoptic intubation and use of Aintree catheters
  • Guidelines and Human Factors
  • Videolaryngoscopy
  • Thrive / Ultrasound of the airway / Virtual endoscopy
  • Paediatric Airways

Plus at the end of the day, there will be a 20 minute Q&A session with the faculty. 


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