Surgical Leadership Program

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About the course

About the Program

Designed to accommodate the schedules of surgeons who currently hold or want to assume a leadership position. Attend workshops in Boston, London or Shanghai.

The Surgical Leadership Program is a Harvard Medical School post-graduate certificate program for surgeons seeking to step into and succeed in leadership positions and acquire skills needed to excel as heads of departments, divisions, projects and institutions at large.  The program provides intensive education for surgeons to build the non-technical, executive skills necessary to successfully lead departments, divisions, programs, and ultimately large organizations. 

Participants learn directly from Harvard’s leading faculty across all areas influencing surgical leadership, including communication, mentoring, process and quality improvement, change management, financial management, and surgical research and techniques. 

The program was designed with surgeons’ busy schedules in mind. It is anchored by three international 4-day workshops in London, Boston and Shanghai, which aim to create interactive learning using Harvard’s case-method. Additional core teaching is delivered through interactive webinars delivered by international experts and more than 40 on-demand lectures. The course culminates with a personalized Capstone Project, enabling you to apply what you have learned in a context that advances your immediate and long-term goals at your home institution. 

If you are a surgeon who now has leadership responsibilities or aspires to advance to a leadership position, we encourage you to apply. This program can change your professional trajectory, arming you with skills that will serve you well throughout your career.

Early Admission Deadline: July 28, 2018
Application Closes: August 17, 2018

For more information about please visit our website  or feel free to contact us by email at

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