MSc in Clinical Endocrinology

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About the course

Designed for Doctors interested in specialist Clinical Endocrinology. Now also available as an intercalated Masters programme for MBBS students after their third or fourth year of study.

 An exciting programme offered by The William Harvey Research Institute, Barts and the London School of Medicine.

The MSc in Clinical Endocrinology is designed to cover a complete curriculum for Specialist Endocrinology. The Centre for Endocrinology at Barts and the London School of Medicine has an international reputation in this area, both in clinical practice and in research. The curriculum incorporates elements of the UK specialty training curriculum for endocrinology and diabetes mellitus, including aspects which are assessed at the knowledge-based examination required for Royal College Certification. In addition there will be a focus on up to date developments in the field and expert opinions and presentations.

The programme will follow a modular structure. Students will learn about theory and basic science underpinning the discipline in each module, then focus on the pathologies that arise in each system and the clinical approaches to evaluation and treatment. There will be extensive use of blended learning and the 'flipped classroom' so that self-directed learning using novel and cutting-edge learning techniques is complemented by a regular tutorial programme. There are opportunities to pursue individual and group work with a high degree of interactivity.

The course will include data from real clinical cases, guided reading and journal clubs. There will be opportunities to explore the presentation of endocrine subjects in the media and 'hot topics' for each module. The taught programme will be complemented by a clinical observation programme and the development of a personal portfolio of experience.

The final part of the MSc programme involves preparation of a dissertation based on independent research or clinical cases under the supervision of a tutor.

Students may choose to pursue the taught aspects of the course only and complete a postgraduate diploma rather than a full MSc programme.

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