MSc Health Systems and Global Policy

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About the course

The programme provides a broad introduction to global health with a focus on health systems policy. Students will first develop a broad foundation in global public health in the first semester before focusing on an advanced health systems module in semester 2.

The degree will enable students to learn how public policy and market forces operate to shape the principles and practice of effective, efficient and fair health care delivery and improvement in different countries.

An important focus of the programme is the theoretical and practical principles of equity, efficiency and effectiveness in health care systems. The programme analyses the various social and functional dimensions of health systems, with strong reference to social, political, economic, and cultural issues and themes.  Students will learn to contextualise health systems policy within the context of globalisation and wider public policy. You will gain an understanding of how markets operate within health systems, and of the role of trade law and regulation. You will also learn about the role of global health institutions (e.g. the WHO and the Global Fund) and international health policy in shaping how health systems are financed and organised within countries.

This MSc programme will be of particular interest if you are a medical and clinical practitioner, a civil servant, a public health practitioner, a social or political scientist, a lab scientist, or work for an NGO

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