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Hospital doctor/Secondary care physician - Trainee

MSc/PGCert in Burn Care

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About the course

The clinical management of burn patients has developed significantly over the last few decades. This relates to multiple factors including a better understanding of the pathophysiology of the burn wound, improvements in critical care, as well as advances in skin tissue engineering and burn rehabilitation. 

There are a vast range of contradictory practices around the world, and this innovative distance learning programme, recognised by both the British Burn Association (BBA), and the International Society of Burn Injury (ISBI) attempts to fill a void in postgraduate burn care education. 

The course is ideal for the following professionals:

  • Surgical trainees who are applying for a National Training Number (NTN) to enter the specialty of plastic surgery and burns. Studying the course will not only give students sound knowledge of burn care in practice, but most importantly, will display dedication and enthusiasm towards the specialty, which can be very advantageous at the point of application. 
  • Doctors and Allied Health Care Professionals (AHPs) e.g. nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, who are already in the field / practicing in burns and wishing to further their knowledge and improve their practice on burns units. For some AHP positions, having an MSc is now mandatory for career progression within the clinical service framework.
  • International professionals who do not have access to postgraduate burn care education in their own countries and would like to improve their practice utilising evidence based principles and further their knowledge relating to burn care.

The MSc Burn Care is available to study part-time, over 2 years, by distance learning. The PG Certificate is available to study part-time, over 1 year, by distance learning.

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