MRCS Part B OSCE Preparation Course (GLASGOW)

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About the course

This accessible course prepares you for the MRCS Part B OSCE Exam.  The course combines online, flexible and independent learning with classroom based scenarios and preparation that benefit from direct interaction and feedback from faculty.  The interactive session in the College allows for thorough description and preparation of the scenario examination situations and breaks down the most important components to allow candidates to have a thorough understanding of what should be covered in scenario answers.  The final element, a full mock exam with personal and relevant feedback offers the best foundation for exam preparation.  The format of the preparation course offers a seamless and complementary flow of learning.

The mock exam replicates the same condition as the actual exam which follows it around six weeks later. It is held under exam conditions in the Golden Jubilee Training Suite with current, senior examiners examining at every station.

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