Basic Surgical Skills for Allied Health Professionals

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About the course


This course, led and delivered by surgeons, is aimed at providing surgical nurse practitioners and theatre nurses a structured programme to learn fundamental surgical skills and techniques that will be applicable across all surgical specialities. The delegates will be introduced to the safe principles underpinning the various basic surgical techniques with individual tuition under the direct supervision of surgeons. Participants will be assessed throughout the course and a certificate will be issued upon successful completion.

Learning Style

The course is held over two days with a series of practical demonstrations and hands on sessions. Techniques will be practiced on prepared animal tissue, synthetic models and simulation.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Gown and glove in the correct manner.
  • Develop a sound understanding of sutures, suture materials and needles
  • Appropriately handle commonly used surgical instruments in a safe manner.
  • Create and secure surgical knots.
  • Perform instrument tie.
  • Appreciate the mechanism of action and safe dosage of local anaesthetics
  • Carry out the following suturing techniques – interrupted, horizontal and vertical mattress, continuous and sub-cuticular
  • Understand the principles of using safe diathermy.
  • Perform, using a safe and effective technique, excision of skin lesions and cysts; abscess drainage and excision; and wound management and debridement.
  • Insert and fix wound drains.
  • Understand basic laparoscopy skills, instrumentation and hand-eye coordination.

Target Audience

  • Peri-operative Theatre Practitioners
  • Advanced Nurse Practitioners
  • Surgical Care Practitioners
  • Surgical Assistants
  • Enhanced Surgical Assistants
  • Surgical Nurse Practitioners
  • Theatre Nurses


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