MSc Genomic Medicine

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About the course

This course will equip research scientists and Health Care Professionals with the knowledge and skills to understand and interpret genomic data, an understanding of genetic and genomic techniques in a clinical setting, bioinformatics approaches required for analysis of genomic data, advanced knowledge and skills, preparing graduates to develop and deliver personalised health care.

This course has been developed in line with Health Education England, NHS England and Genomics England Ltd. You will be introduced to the fundamentals of human genetics and genomics along with techniques required for DNA and RNA sequencing to study genomic variation observed in the clinical setting. Data analysis for health and medical sciences will also introduce the bioinformatic approaches required for the analysis of genomic data.

The masters’ element of this programme will require students to complete a Research Project or in depth literature review and you will be encouraged to undertake your research project within the NHS, either within your hosting NHS department or where you may expect to work following graduation.

WEDS funding available for eligible staff working for the NHS in Wales

WEDS funding available (T&C's)

MSc, PGDip and PGCert exit qualifications available.

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