Assessment and Intervention with the High Risk Infant on NICU

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About the course

Bobbi Pineda is an assistant professor of occupational therapy and paediatrics at Washington University in St. Louis. As an investigator in patient and family engagement, Bobbi investigated factors associated with outcomes of high risk newborn infants.

Premature babies in NICU not only experience separation from their parents, but they are also exposed to repetitive, painful stimuli. Additionally, these infants often do not receive positive, timed sensory exposures usual for a term baby.  Because of these factors, parents are often left uncertain of when and how to engage with their baby.

The focus in this two-day seminar will be on assessment strategies with discussion on how to design targeted interventions. Through video analysis, demonstration and case examples, participants will enhance their observational skills and refine their clinical problem-solving skills. Delegates will develop a good understanding of early identification of therapy needs to define targeted interventions in the NICU and during the transition home.


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