Practical skills for effective communication

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About the course

This practical and interactive full-day course addresses the essentials of communication and explores our intercultural communications in depth. This is followed by smaller workshops exploring specific areas of communication where doctors may feel less confident, when delivering and receiving feedback; presenting and speaking with confidence; and building professional relationships. Our experienced team of trainers present a range of workshops that are research-led and highly interactive, encouraging you to reflect, network with other doctors, and explore and practise a variety of techniques on offer.

Key features

• Experienced speakers work with the groups to encourage exploration of both common and individual communication issues, sharing practical techniques and insight.
• Teaching will break into small groups and will be tailored to the needs of those in the room.
• Workshops are designed to encourage open discussion and practice in a safe environment, with colleagues and experts.
• The opportunity to network and learn with your peers.
• Highly relevant and practical action learning.

The agenda for the day includes 4 sessions: 

Effective communication - the essentials 
Improving intercultural communications
Building professional relationships 
Giving and receiving feedback

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