Getting patients fit to survive surgery

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About the course

Improving patient outcomes after major surgery starts with prehabilitation. Surgeons, anaesthetists, GPs, community teams and other members of the surgical care team* are invited to attend this one-day conference, which will explore the latest prehabilitation research and best practice.

Our speakers will consider the influence a patient’s physical and mental wellbeing can have on perioperative outcomes, and empower attendees to identify opportunities for collaboration and improvement of their current practice.

Using the latest research from prehabilitation pilots taking place across the UK, attendees will be encouraged to consider and challenge their own methods of improving patients’ fitness ahead of major surgery.


*Also welcome are ODPs, AHPs, QI staff and other interested members of the healthcare community.

For group bookings please get in touch with the Events Team (contact details below)

What will I get from the day?

An understanding of the latest research, best practice and services available in the areas of community and in-hospital prehabilitation

An overview of improved methods and strategies, plus a practical approach for getting patients fit to survive surgery, with reference to community interventions

An understanding of the interplay between the NHS as primary or secondary care and charity organisations such as the Wessex Cancer Trust

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