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Effective educational supervision

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About the course

We launched this training programme in 2013 to fulfil the General Medical Council’s requirements for educational supervisors.

It is designed for paediatric trainees, SAS and consultants who work with junior doctors and medical students. The course, led by our expert faculty, is dynamic, interactive and engaging with ample opportunity for delegate participation.

Learning objectives, aims and outcomes
By the end of the course, you will:

  • understand the difference between clinical and educational supervision
  • understand the difference between formative and summative assessment
  • have an overview of different teaching and learning methods
  • know how to prepare and conduct a good educational supervision session and use e-Portfolio appropriately
  • feel confident in assessing their trainees’ learning needs
  • understand the complexities of a trainee in difficulty
  • feel confident in applying different strategies for managing trainees in these circumstances
  • feel confident in applying different strategies to support the trainee who is excelling
  • have developed techniques for giving feedback effectively in a way which encourages learning
  • understand the importance of contributing to the quality assurance of training and the Deanery processes involved in providing excellent training.

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