Diploma of Child Health (DCH) Clinical exam preparation course

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About the course

This one-day course will familiarise you with the DCH (Diploma of Child Health) Clinical exam. You will gain a greater understanding of the assessment criteria, the key skills required and the pitfalls to avoid by focusing on exam technique and, through practice, how to approach each station.


The teaching faculty, comprised of highly experienced consultant paediatricians, will provide a safe learning environment where you can ask questions and share good practice.

There will be interactive workshops, small group work, discussions and role play all targeted at increasing your confidence in terms of succeeding in the DCH Clinical exam. A key skill you will learn is how to conduct a developmental assessment. The course will not involve real patients or a mock exam.

To help your learning you will need to complete some pre-course assignments online. You will also receive a copy of the Clinical Cases in Paediatrics, DCH Examinations textbook as part of the course fee. We will post the textbook to delegates booking on or before 3 February; those booking later will receive it at the course.

Learning aims, objectives and outcomes

To prepare candidates undertaking the DCH Clinical exam and increase their confidence by building on the approved textbook through workshops run by experienced paediatric trainers, and, in the case of Communication and History, with the assistance of professional role players.

By the end of the course you should:

  • be fully aware of the exam format and what to expect in each of the various stations
  • have a clear understanding of the assessment criteria for each station and, therefore, what is required to pass
  • know the common pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • feel more confident about conducting a developmental assessment on a child, not just in the exam but also in everyday practice
  • have a clear idea of how to approach your revision between the course and the DCH Clinical exam.

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