Safeguarding: Statement and Report Writing (Level 3)

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About the course

This one-day course for paediatricians explores what is needed from statements and reports used in child protection cases. Learn to identify the issues to address and the relevant evidence to include. You will use objective criteria to assess what has been written and receive feedback to help improve your skills.

We are pleased to be working with our partners at Bond Solon in offering this course.

As part of your clinical practice, practitioners will be required to produce statements or reports that will later be scrutinised. They may be used internally for audit or responding to complaints and externally in tribunals, inquiries, regulatory proceedings or the courts.

All too often, excellent clinical knowledge and skills are undermined when statements or reports fall below an acceptable standard.

Learning aim, objectives and outcomes 

  • Identify the issues to be addressed
  • Distinguish between fact and assumption
  • Ensure any opinion is based on fact
  • How to use records and notes as the basis for statements or reports
  • Appropriate format, layout and style
  • Understand the formal requirements governing statements and reports and, where applicable, the relevant procedural rules
  • Develop an objective and critical approach to written evidence

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