How to Manage: Child mental health in general paediatrics

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About the course

Learning aims, objectives and outcomes

  • Understand the prevalence and importance of mental health in the paediatric outpatient setting
  • Gain a framework for understanding adherence, and be able to select appropriate interventions for particular situations
  • Understand the factors underlying disruptive behaviour, and the options for intervention
  • Understand the paediatrician's role in the management of eating disorders, and know what is important in the initial assessment of ill patients with eating disorders
  • Understand the importance of attachment behaviours in the assessment of patients in paediatric clinics
  • Understand that MUS (Medically Unexplained Symptoms) and FII (Fabricated and Induced Illness) are part of a spectrum of perplexing presentations, and that a nuanced and careful approach is the best way of dealing with these complex families
  • Understand the range of neuro-immunological presentations 

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