How to Manage: Common cardiac problems in paediatrics

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About the course

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Clinical scenarios such as a sick infant with a possible underlying cardiac problem, syncope and palpitations as well as the increasingly common question of cardiac screening in children will be discussed using real-life cases. Workshops aiming to provide basic understanding of paediatric ECGs (electrocardiograms), echocardiography and approaches to a child with a heart murmur will be undertaken in interactive short group sessions.

Learning aims, objectives and outcomes

  • Gain an update on basic cardiology in paediatrics
  • Recognise and manage cardiac diagnosis in an acutely unwell baby
  • Develop a stepwise approach in evaluating paediatric ECGs
  • Understand cardiac conditions associated with genetic syndromes
  • Understand etiology and management of children with recurrent faints 
  • Clinically differentiate innocent and pathologic murmurs
  • Initiate workup in a child with palpitations
  • Understand standard echocardiographic views

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