Cardiff MRCS OSCE course: Surgical Anatomy and Surgical Pathology

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About the course

Taught by clinical anatomists and surgeons, this intensive 2-day revision course is intended to help surgical trainees prepare for the surgical anatomy and pathology components of the MRCS OSCE exam. The sessions will be predominantly delivered by small group demonstrations and tutorials using anatomical prosections, relevant pathology, osteology and surface anatomy. This course, which takes the changes introduced in February 2013 into consideration, will: consolidate the candidate's core and applied surgical knowledge in anatomy and relevant pathology; provide a focused revision of pertinent exam topics in this area, and; aid the candidate's aptitude to handle the OSCE stations effectively. In addition, there will be surface anatomy demonstration on live volunteer. The mock OSCE stations on the second day of the course will cover surgical anatomy (prosections, osteology and surface anatomy), surgical pathology, surgical radiology, and surgical skills and patient safety.

Teaching format and highlights

  • Demonstration using anatomical prosections and cross-sections
  • Small groups tutorials and interactive sessions
  • Covers osteology and surgical pathology
  • Surface anatomy in live volunteer
  • Mock OSCE Exam: There will be 20 OSCE stations that will be structured similar to the exam. Every candidate will get an opportunity to be examined in all the stations.


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