Cardiff DOHNS course (BENGALURU, INDIA): Focused Communication Skills for DOHNS / MRCS (ENT) OSCE

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About the course

From the providers of the highly acclaimed and prestigious Cardiff DOHNS Courses in the UK, this intensive revision course covers the communication skills stations tested in the DOHNS / MRCS(ENT) OSCE exam. The session will be dedicated to structured interviews, communication skills workstations, information giving, information gathering and breaking bad news. About 15-20 patient-centred clinical scenarios will be used to reflect the situations experienced in everyday practice in the National Health Service in the UK; these scenarios will be in line with what is commonly tested in the DOHNS / MRCS(ENT) OSCE exam. There will be opportunities for every participant to participate and engage in a number of role-play scenarios, enabling him or her to identify areas of weakness and to improve upon these.  Delivered by surgeons and advanced linguistic specialists, the teaching session will focus more on the literary and linguistic aspects, British phrases, colloquial terminologies, mannerisms, and interpersonal skills - all within the context of the DOHNS / MRCS(ENT) OSCE exam. This course, with a high tutor to delegate ratio, is particularly relevant for those with limited experience in the UK hospital setting and for those who have not done their training in the UK.

Clinical Consultation Skills These stations will consist of:
  • Information Giving and Information Gathering
  • Explaining a Diagnosis
  • Discussing Management Options
  • Dealing with a Challenging Situation/Patient
  • Difficult Consultation
  • Breaking Bad News
  • Consenting for Operations



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