Preparation course for Part 2 MFDS (Cairo)

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About the course


A two day examination preparation course for MFDS Part 2 consisting of interactive lectures and observation of mock OSCE demonstrations. Suitable for those applying to sit for the MFDS Part II Examination. [Please note that a partial refund of the course fee paid, is payable to those who sit the Exam with RCSEd in Cairo in 2019].

Target Audience

Dentists who have MFDS Part 1 and are planning to sit Part 2.

Learning Style

Interactive lectures, observing videos and live OSCE demonstrations.

Aims & Objectives

1. To provide an update on relevant key clinical management topics from the examination syllabus 2. To familiarise participants with the Part 2 OSCE format of the examination 3. To give delegates an opportunity to observe and assess candidate performance in mock OSCE examinations 4. To and provide expert feedback on OSCE performances from an examiner’s perspective and help delegates identify gaps in their knowledge and skill base 5. To give delegates the opportunity to ask questions during a Q&A session

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course participants should be able to: 1. Appreciate the level and breadth and depth of knowledge and skills required to be successful in the MFDS Part 2 examination. 2. Discuss developments in clinical management that are important for the MFDS examination 3. Describe the OSCE format of the MFDS Part 2 examination 4. Evaluate candidate performance and identify gaps in their knowledge and skill base relevant to the MFDS Part 2 examination.

Additional Information

Venue: SCORE Nasr City, 20 El Batraway Street, From Abbas Al Akkad Street, in front of Genena Mall.


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