One Day Membership in Orthodontics Process Course

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About the course

Overview - This is a process course is for those preparing to sit the Membership in Orthodontics exam in 2019. It is designed to help improve candidates' performance in the examination via practice sessions with 'mock’ viva’s in all aspects of the exam (excluding the written component). This includes: Two unseen/diagnostic tests; a shortened general viva in orthodontics; a viva in communication and also includes a viva on a participant submitted treated case using the new case history template (the case MUST be submitted 1 week prior to the course date). Each viva will have time for brief feedback and discussion with an experienced examiner. PLEASE NOTE: A £50.00 refund will be given to those who apply and are accepted to sit the Membership in Orthodontics RCSEd exam within 9 months of the course.

Target Audience - Trainees within 9 months of sitting the Membership in Orthodontics examination.

Learning Style - Lecture, viva simulation and individual discussion.

Aims & Objectives - To enable candidates to familiarise themselves with the process and structure of the Membership in Orthodontics RCSEd exam.

Learning Outcomes - After attending this one-day course, delegates will be able to: • Describe the individual components of the exam • Identify areas of knowledge weakness in each individual component of the exam • Explain how to structure their assessment and formulate a problem list in the diagnostic component of the exam.

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