How to Manage: Gastroenterology

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About the course

This course provides delegates with an overview of the investigation and management of common GI presentations in children and young people. Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss management and investigation of chronic diarrhoea, managing eating disorders and difficult constipation and how to deal with abnormal liver function tests.

This study day will help delegates develop an approach for management of common gastrointestinal (GI) presentations.

Learning aims, objectives and outcomes

  • Develop a clinical approach for the investigation and management of chronic diarrhoea
  • Describe the role of probiotics in GI (gastrointestinal) disease
  • Develop an approach for managing functional GI disorders
  • Investigate and manage a patient with abnormal liver function tests
  • Manage difficult constipation
  • Recognise a young person with an eating disorder and understand the principles of management

"Super day. Very useful lecture on liver function tests and also functional GI disorders." - Previous delegate

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