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Practical skills for leadership and management for doctors masterclass

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About the course

In this highly interactive course, our expert hosts will teach you the fundamentals of leadership and management in 21st century healthcare.

Whether you are an experienced leader looking to improve your effectiveness, or are new to leadership, and looking to expand your potential, this course tackles key leadership and management issues relevant to your career stage.

You’ll learn:

  • the latest leadership theories
  • the Healthcare Leadership Model and its relevance to everyone in every-day healthcare
  • team working
  • conflict resolution
  • how to motivate and engage.

Key features


  • highly relevant and practical action learning
  • workshops relevant to your career stage
  • groups of no more than 30 people
  • content will be will be tailored to the needs of those in the room
  • discuss common issues, and learn contrasting perspectives with colleagues and experts

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