Major Trauma Emergency Orthopaedic Surgery Programme (MaTEOS)

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Overview - This two day course will introduce the principles of damage control resuscitation, prioritising individual extremis in major trauma patients versus multiple/mass casualty situation. We will provide a detailed description of Damage Control Resuscitation - how and why, integrating surgery for haemorrhage control & restoration of perfusion. We will prepare you to deal with: Major Trauma; Groin Junctional Haemorrhage control; Shunting; Fasciotomies; Debridement; Blast and Ballistic injury; Haemostatic resuscitation; External fixation of all limbs; Pelvic Packing; Team approach and Major Terrorist incidents.

Target Audience - Consultants and Senior Trainees who participate in on-call for trauma.

Learning Style - Lectures and hands-on cadaveric work with scene setting initial simulation and concluding simulation scenario as an option for participants. This will be supplemented with a course guide.

Aims & Objectives - This course will equip Trauma and Orthopaedic Consultants and Senior Trainees with the decision-making and technical skills to fulfil their role in the multidisciplinary management of the most severely injured major trauma patients.

Learning Outcomes - On completion of this course, participants will be able to: 1) Describe the indications for damage control interventions for major musculoskeletal injuries; 2) Demonstrate their application in a simulated setting.

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