Core (Level 1) Ultrasound Freeform Scanning Day 14 March 2019

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About the course

Our one-day practice scanning days are designed for candidates who have intermediate level experience of scanning in the four modalities required for RCEM core US competency. Candidates will have attended a Core/Level 1 ultrasound course and started a logbook but need some guidance and support in improving their number of logged scans and technical skills before they undertake triggered assessment and final sign off. There will be opportunity on the day to log scans on a number of healthy models, (patients with pathology will depend on the situation on the days), all under the expert guidance of our faculty. We will also take you through the sign-off process and provide individual feedback for each applicant on what they require in order to achieve final sign off as quickly as possible with maximum technical ability.  Candidates who are applying for our level 1 sign-off days will be given priority but is not a requirement. 

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