Thinking of a Career in Special Care Dentistry? Find Out How RCSEd Can Help You

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About the course

Overview: To inform potential candidates about the RCSEd Diploma in Special Care Dentistry Examination and provide the opportunity to participate in mock SBA examinations and observe a Structured oral on an unseen case. Provide an update in SCD and receive career advice.

Target Audience: Dentists thinking about a career in Special Care Dentistry. Specialist trainees in SCD. Dentists working in SCD.

Learning Style: Interactive lectures and demonstrations.

Aims & Objectives: To familiarise participants with the new RCSEd Diploma in Special Care Dentistry; To give delegates an opportunity to sit a mock paper and observe; Consider career options; To give delegates the opportunity to ask questions throughout the day.

Learning Outcomes: On completion of this course, participants will be able to: • Describe the level and breadth and depth of knowledge and skills required for the RCSEd Diploma in Special Care Dentistry • Describe the format of the examination.

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