The 3rd Royal Brompton & Harefield Christmas Postgraduate Course

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About the course

We are very pleased to announce the 3rd Christmas Postgraduate Course of the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospital Trust & Imperial College, the Cardiology Update London 2019. Cardiology and cardiovascular medicine in general, is a rapidly expanding field with impressive developments and innovations over the last years. We have designed a Christmas course for physicians, be it general practitioners, cardiologists or cardiac surgeons, to summarize the most important new developments, innovations, but also failures that will affect cardiovascular diagnosis and management in our everyday practice. A renowned international Faculty will cover the entire spectrum of cardiovascular medicine. 

Early registration fee (until November 15th, 2019) - £250
Early fee (until November 15th, 2019) ESC / Association Members - £230
Regular registration fee - £300
Regular fee ESC / Association Members - £280
Residents, students (age <35) early registration fee - £100
Residents, students (age <35) regular registration fee - £150
Day ticket - £150

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