About the course

This year’s conference will include expert advice on managing diabetes and kidney disease after stroke, the importance of assessing frailty, when to refer to neurosurgery (and when not to), recent advances in using robots in rehabilitation and how best to provide follow up after a stroke.

There will be 4 masterclasses:

1         Assessing and managing spasticity after stroke: Dr Niall Hughes and colleagues will provide this class guiding you through best practice in this sometimes challenging area of post stroke care.

2         Case Based Discussions: this year we are focussing on vasculitis, with a class jointly led by a stroke physician and a rheumatologist presenting interesting cases to enable  discussion around investigation and management.


3         Supported self-management after stroke: new research has highlighted some of the most successful approaches to this important topic; Dr Lisa Kidd will lead this class addressing best practice and potential areas for service development.


4         Assessing capacity after stroke: Dr Terry Quinn will facilitate this class, which he provided at the 2018 UKSF to very favourable reviews: the speakers will  include a lawyer and a speech and language therapist specialising in this issue.

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