Cardiff Cadaveric General Surgical Emergency Operations Course

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About the course


This unique one-day ‘hands-on’ course will provide the participant with the opportunity to perform selected common general surgical emergency operations on unembalmed freeze-preserved cadavers under the direct supervision of Consultant Surgeons.                                                    

With a high tutor-to-participant ratio, this practical course will be delivered in small groups using a series of tutor demonstrations where participants will undertake various general surgical emergency operations on cadavers, simulating clinical practice.


Types of Procedures


                                Small Bowel Resections



                                Right Hemicolectomy

                                  Exploration of Inguinal Canal

                                Exploration of Scrotum


                                Creation of Stoma

Suitable for


Speciality Trainees (ST3 and ST4 level) in General and Emergency Surgery

Core Trainees (CT2 level or post MRCS CT1 level) who are planning on embarking on a career in one of the following surgical disciplines (General, Upper GI, Colorectal, Emergency Surgery)


Course Objectives

Understand the basic principles and steps in undertaking common general surgical emergency operations

Practice the operations on unembalmed freeze-preserved cadavers

Understand the indications, contraindications and potential risks of these operations


Features and Highlights


Participants work on unembalmed freeze-preserved cadavers

Tutored and supervised by Consultant Surgeons

Hands-on practical course with a high tutor-to-participant ratio

Small group teaching and demonstrations



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