BCS/BCOS/UCLH Cancer Academy Cardio-Oncology Course

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About the course

The first joint British Cardiovascular Society/British Cardio-Oncology 
Society/University College London Hospitals Cancer Academy Cardio-Oncology 
Course. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the re-designed half-day course will give the attendee an update in contemporary cardio-oncology practice. We will cover recent updates in cardio-oncology including cardiovascular risk assessment prior to starting cancer therapy, echocardiography guidelines in cancer patients and haemato-oncology updates for cardiologists.

The potentially long-lasting transformation of cardio-oncology, haemato-oncology 
and oncology services due to COVID-19 will also be explored as will the pivotal 
roles of the CNS and specialized pharmacist in a cardio-oncology service.  

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