Arora Virtual PLAB 2 Communication Skills Course

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About the course

PASS YOUR PLAB 2 Exam with the Arora PLAB 2 course!

The Arora PLAB 2 course is taught by Dr Aman Arora an ex PLAB 2 examiner. Dr Aman believes many PLAB2 candidates have the clinical knowledge they need to pass the exam but struggle with demonstrating their interpersonal skill. Dr Aman will help you develop your own technique to demonstrate your interpersonal skills and consult more empathetically. He teaches a #CanPass attitude as he talks you through a range of challenging role play scenarios which enable you to enter the PLAB 2 exam confident to face any challenge. Book your place now to enhance your PLAB 2 success.

During the day the course covers:

  • Intensive Live Role play with direct feedback
  • Strong focus on interpersonal skills
  • Personalised feedback to maximise your PLAB 2 score

Cases we cover are:

 Angry patient, Breaking bad news, Treatment refusal, Counselling - diet advice, Angry relative, Domestic Violence, Sexual History taking, Non-accidental injury, The Blaze patient, Consent/capacity, Palliative care/end of life issues, Patient wants to leave hospital, the demanding patient, psychiatric history, embarrassed patient



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