Remote consulting during COVID for GP trainees

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About the course

If you're a GP trainee who consults remotely (at present or in the future) then this webinar is for you! Hosted by Arora Medical Education, in partnership with Medical Protection Society.

Main Speaker:

Rob Hendry - Medical Director at Medical Protection Society - who will look at how the pandemic has accelerated changes in primary care and key medicolegal considerations for remote consultations. This includes:

Review of current guidelines and governance

  • Safety considerations for patient consultations and colleague interactions
  • Best practice in record keeping
  • Understanding indemnity considerations

Dr Rob Hendry is the Medical Director at Medical Protection. He was born and brought up in Glasgow and studied medicine at Dundee University. After graduating in 1981 he undertook a number of hospital appointments before becoming a partner in an urban teaching practice in Dundee in 1986. He developed an interest in medical law and completed an MPhil in Law and Ethics in Medicine at Glasgow University in 1992. Having done some consultancy work for the Medical Protection Society and having taught part-time at Dundee University, he took up a permanent appointment as a medicolegal adviser with the Medical and Dental Defence Union of Scotland in 1996 and remained there until he moved to the Medical Protection Society to set up their Edinburgh office in 2009. In 2011 he was appointed Deputy Medical Director and in 2013 became Medical Director of the Medical Protection Society and is currently responsible for medicolegal services delivered by the Medical Protection Society to its members worldwide.

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