Preparatory Course for UK Medical School Interviews

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About the course

This intensive half-day course is designed to equip international applicants with an understanding and awareness of a variety of important areas that are often broached in medical school interviews (both MMI and panel interviews). Through a number of simulated interviews conducted by doctors, as well as structured overviews of key topics, it will enable candidates to practise how to answer questions posed in the interviews in a manner that will allow them to excel.

A medical school applicant must not only know what to say but how to say it. This course will endow international candidates with techniques to answer succinctly, appropriately and unambiguously, providing them with a sound basis to perform well in the interviews for the most competitive medical schools.

The course will offer attendees the opportunity to discuss the topics that are commonly asked in medical school interviews in a simulated and focused setting. These include:

  • Ethics and Ethical Dilemmas
  • Essentials of Medical Research
  • The Basis of Common Medical Conditions
  • Structure of the NHS and Its Hierarchy
  • The Importance of the Doctor-Patient Relationship
  • Cardinal Components Required to Become a Doctor (clinical knowledge; competence; decision making; compassion; confidentiality; and ethics)

Salient Features:

  • Simulated Interview Sessions
  • Individualised Feedback from Tutors (Doctors)
  • Discussion of High-Yield Topics Broached in the Interview
  • Techniques on How to Answer Questions

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