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MSc Transformative Oncology

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About the course

In 2020, there were an estimated 19.3 million new cancer cases worldwide. There is a global need to better understand the underlying biology of cancer and the diversity of tumors and patients through multidisciplinary, innovative approaches. Adopting a holistic to develop personalised strategies for cancer treatment is vital.

This pioneering, patient-focused course brings together the excellence and global approach of The University of Manchester, The Manchester Cancer Research Centre and The Christie Hospital among other organisations to empower you to take the next step in your career.

Developed in collaboration with the Manchester Cancer Research Centre.

This full master’s degree in Transformative Oncology Science is delivered online and designed to be flexible to fit around your working life. You will be able to draw on the strengths of world-leading specialist oncology researchers and scientists, and develop advanced skills taught by a multi-disciplinary team. 

Whether trainee doctor, clinical nurse specialist or another clinical care professional, studying this course will empower you to specialise and branch out professionally and upskill, effectively transforming clinical outcomes for patients with cancer in the process.

Our aim is for you to be able to integrate medically applicable, real-world skills directly into your workplace, as well as developing critical insight into the physical principles underpinning radiotherapy, medical imaging for radiotherapy, treatment planning and future developments of radiotherapy.

Online doesn’t mean you’ll be studying alone. You’ll have great opportunities to interact and collaborate with peers and academics through our highly interactive teaching model involving group work, sessions with your tutor and informal support group chats, in addition to a comprehensive virtual learning environment.

Course Units:

  1. Understanding the Challenges of Tumor Biology
  2. Cancer is an Individualised Disease
  3. Established and Experimental Therapeutics
  4. The Branches of Oncology
  5. The Science of Radiotherapy
  6. Strategies for Early Detection
  7. Principles of Personalised Medicine
  8. Delivering the Best Cancer Care

Join the course in September 2022

Learn more or apply today: https://bit.ly/3HofbNy

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