MSc Tropical Disease Biology

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About the course

The MSc programme ‘Tropical Disease Biology’ provides advanced and research-informed contemporary learning in parasitology, microbiology, host-pathogen interactions, and the study of disease vectors and the pathogens they transmit in tropical and/or resource-limited regions of the world.

Delivered by an internationally diverse team of research-active experts in their disciplines, the broad scope of the programme ranges across the biology, biochemistry, immunology, ecology, and population biology of the organisms of importance to public health in predominantly tropical regions of limited resource, and their associated epidemiology.

The programme will give students the opportunity to develop employer-relevant transferable skills, producing independent and collaborative team workers, critical thinkers, adaptable problem-solvers, and as confident communicators in a range of environments. Experience in essential laboratory, field, and computing-based research techniques, as well as significant theoretical and applied practical knowledge in all important and topical areas of the field is further provided within core taught elements. Participants further demonstrate and apply their comprehensive understanding and critical awareness through completion of a research-based dissertation either overseas or in Liverpool, with opportunities to engage with professional and industrial bodies in global health as part of this process.

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