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Healthcare Ethics and Law

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About the course

Our online, part-time courses in Healthcare Ethics and Law are designed to equip you with the skills to deal with complex dilemmas in healthcare. You’ll understand new perspectives from our academics’ research-led approach to teaching, rated excellent by HEFCE.

Develop your knowledge

  • Become acquainted with philosophical arguments in the context of a ‘practical’ healthcare dilemma
  • Understand the role of the law in regulating healthcare practice, in identifying and enforcing the rights of patients and in seeking to resolve ethical dilemmas in medicine
  • Know the relevant case-law, statutory materials and their relationship to the ethical debate
  • Develop your understanding of healthcare law and ethics in a global context
  • Develop an understanding of the main types of arguments used in the research ethics field, and the main areas of controversy
  • Understand the relevance of ethics to decision-making in the context of genetics and the applications of genetic science
  • Examine the effectiveness of mental health law by reference to principles/philosophies from relevant disciplines (psychiatry, psychology, ethics, criminology, social policy)

What our students say

“This is a great course for broadening your skills and opening up opportunities in wider healthcare regulatory spheres. It is a good launchpad for professionals who wish to progress and develop into a senior role.”
Nicolette Harrison - Director of Regulation, Human Tissues Authority

“The LLM in Healthcare Ethics and Law is brilliant as it takes an interdisciplinary approach and provides a combination of subjects spanning ethics and law. It helps me broaden me skills and apply my learning into my role.”
George Georgantidis - Forensic Physician, Dorset Police

“I am ticking all the boxes with this course. I am filling my knowledge gaps, I am developing my critical analysis skills, and I am doing it through ethical healthcare topics, I am passionate about.”
Tony Little - Healthcare Educator and Researcher, China

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