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Hospital doctor/Secondary care physician - Trainee

Training the Clinical Trainer

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About the course

This course aims to enhance your knowledge of, and skills in, educational practice within a clinical setting. Designed for senior trainees across all specialties and mapped to CCT requirements, it will provide attendees with knowledge and skills to meet the criteria set out in the GMC’s recognition and approval of trainers requirements.  


It introduces participants to some of the key theoretical frameworks that underpin contemporary educational practice and demonstrates how these may be applied constructively and flexibly in clinical teaching. By highlighting the benefits of reflective practice and of sharing and developing good practice with colleagues, it will contribute to the continuing professional development of clinicians with training responsibilities.  


This course is delivered by a lecturer in adult education with a wealth of experience in clinical education.


Format of the course:  


To provide necessary flexibility to potential participants, the College has restructured the course content to enable remote delivery and participation. It will, however, retain interactive small-group elements that enhance the quality of the learning experience.  


The programme has two live elements: a 1-hour introductory sessions and a 3-hour interactive session which concludes the course. In addition, participants will be required to undertake 8 hours of individual online learning over a period of 2 weeks: this can be done at a convenient time and place but should be completed before the final live session. Another requirement for successful completion of the course is that each participant will be asked to prepare a reflection on their own educational practice and present this for extended discussion at their small-group session. Full details of the requirements of this exercise will be provided in the introductory session, and within the online learning resources.


Dates and times:  


Thursday 22 September, 15:00 - 16:00 - Live introductory session

Wednesday 5 & Thursday 6 October - Live small-group interactive sessions

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