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About the course

Want to develop skills and advance your career at your own pace?

Our Postgraduate Medical Programmes are perfect for doctors and medical professionals looking to further develop their skills and advance their careers.

The aim of our programmes is to offer healthcare professionals the opportunity to build on their existing knowledge, skills, and experience and develop mastery in the clinical management of the patient.

There are three modules for each Postgraduate Diploma studied over an academic year through blended learning, with an online learning platform to support students.

In each module, a series of topics are studied by way of a specially written article. Each topic is assessed by way of Higher Order Thinking Questions. Additionally, there are a series of mini examinations, online, which assess a group of topics

All our programmes are validated by the University of Plymouth, UK. This means that those who successfully complete the relevant modules of the programme will be awarded the University of Plymouth qualification of a Postgraduate Diploma.

We currently offer the following programmes:

Students who successfully complete one of the above Postgraduate Diploma programmes will be able to progress to MSc Clinical Sciences. The programme will be delivered using a mix of work based and resource-based learning with online student/staff discussion forum and individual project work with both academic and clinical supervisory support.



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