Developing the Clinical Trainer

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About the course

This course will provide foundation doctors and medical students with an overview of teaching, learning and feedback in the clinical environment. Participants will be given the opportunity to create a detailed plan for a short teaching session related to their clinical practice, and will receive written feedback on this for their portfolios. The programme is mapped to the foundation curriculum: after completion of the course you will have evidence that you have designed a teaching activity and received feedback to support your ongoing practice.


To provide necessary flexibility to potential participants, the College has restructured the course content to enable remote delivery and participation. It will, however, retain interactive small-group elements that enhance the quality of the learning experience.


The new format is:


Introductory online live session (0.5 hours) – This will introduce the content, aims and requirements of the course and provide clear instructions on accessing and working through its online learning resources. This will take place approximately two weeks before the live interactive session.


Online individual learning (2.5 hours) – Key elements of the course content will be delivered through online learning (on Moodle). This will include video content from tutors and will provide opportunities for participants to reflect on the applicability of clinical education theory to their practice. It is designed to provide the theoretical foundation for the final, interactive part of the course.

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