Fundamental Principles of Microsurgical Anastomosis, Flap Designs and Tendon Repairs

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About the course

This hybrid course will discuss the fundamental principles of microsurgical anastomosis, flap designs and tendon repairs. The theoretical component of the course will be delivered via Zoom on Tuesday 8th November 2022 (1800-2100 hours), and the practical component will take place at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Cardiff, Cardiff Bay on Saturday 12th November 2022 (0830-1800 hours).

Delegates will use mounted simulators to practise the basics of microsurgery. They will perform microsurgical repairs of nerves and vessels using animal models. They will also perform local flaps and Z-plasty on animal models, as well as tendon repairs.

Practical Sessions:
 Microsurgery suturing practice on simulators
 Microsurgical repair of nerve
 Microsurgical repair of blood vessel
 Z-plasty
 Four flap z-plasty
 Five flap z-plasty
 Rotation flap
 Transposition flap
 Rhomboid flap
 Flexor tendon repair-Kessler
 Flexor tendon repair-cruciate
 Extensor tendon repair

The theoretical session will introduce delegates to the design of Z-plasty and local flaps, the principles of flexor and extensor tendon repairs, the rehabilitation of tendon repairs, and the complications of tendon surgery.

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